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Download 7 12 Online: Everything You Need to Know About Land Records in Maharashtra

Horror games take many forms. Some go for an enthralling atmosphere; others try to unsettle you with cheap jump scares. Nowadays, the best zombie games are made with mobile devices in mind, including the latest and greatest Android tablets.

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Games like Death Road to Canada and Dysmantle could easily find themselves among the best games on Android. So if you're looking for some of the best zombie games on Android to take your favorite scares with you portably, we've got you covered.

What would you do if a zombie outbreak were to happen? Apparently, the guy in Dead Ahead decides to make his escape on a scooter. He's also determined to wheelie over as many of the undead as possible. Take control of the hero and his scooter and try to rush past obstacles, jump ramps, and kill zombies while you accumulate a top score. Dead Ahead throws bigger challenges at you the further you get.

Forget about fast zombies, bulky zombies, or exploding zombies for a moment. How about zombies the size of a skyscraper? Welcome to Dead Trigger 2. In this apocalypse-driven first-person shooter, you must not only fend for yourself but also help out other survivors by blasting zombies in the face with a selection of guns.

Thankfully, most of them return the favor by joining your base of operations and crafting valuable supplies. Control your character by using digital on-screen controls and guide them through desolate ruins. Fend off zombies by using various weapons and help survivors in need to possibly gain new allies.

Doomsday is an isometric adventure game that throws you into a world ravaged by the undead. It takes obvious cues from popular games in the genre, such as The Last of Us and Lollipop Chainsaw. For example, a group you take control of consists of a gruff middle-aged man with a fluffy beard and a brash teenager wearing a baseball cap. Doesn't that sound like Joel and Ellie? Early on, you also meet a vibrant girl in a school uniform who takes out zombies with a pink... chainsaw.

Dysmantle is an Android game that has already garnered many positive responses on the Play Store. Prepare to partake in almost every survival aspect of a zombie apocalypse: foraging and cooking to hunting and scavenging.

You'll unlock new weapons to defend yourself with as you complete levels and various challenges. Into the Dead 2 strikes a great balance between risk and reward by placing loot right amidst groups of zombies. Do you run for safety? Or risk dying while trying to grab hold of valuables? The choice is yours, and if you choose wrongly, you're dead.

If a zombie apocalypse were to break out, the last thing you'd expect is your backyard's flora to retaliate. Yet that's exactly what Plants vs Zombies 2 is all about. EA's vibrant zombie game builds upon the gameplay mechanics established by its predecessors.

Much like Plants vs Zombies 2, Rebuild 3 takes a different approach to its predecessor. A zombie apocalypse has struck, and now it's all about rebuilding whatever's left of humanity. Rebuild 3 puts you in charge of forming relationships with other survivors and establishing communities with them. Some will join your noble cause, while others might have other plans in mind.

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